Special Spirit


My name is Wilhelmien Kool and since I was a little child I loved to have animals around me. I even went to a school were it was able to work with and learn about animals. I graduated on the well known Groenhorst College in Barneveld and I finished two majors: Management zoos and as a Veterinary nurse. After that I went to the Dutch Agricultural College in Dronten/ Barneveld and I've just finished my major: Animal Healthcare. I gained different kinds of practical experience and working experience during work and traineeships. I grew up between the animals and I always took injured animals back home to take care of. At this moment I work at Pet Wellness Center in Amersfoort as a veternairy nurse.

My boyfriend Demian is (of course) also very fond of our cats. Demian has been working with electronics for many years now. In the beginning of 2008 his dream came true when he became the proud owner of a Bang & Olufsen shop in Utrecht. The shop is doing very well and he enjoys working at his own place.