Special Spirit
Ch.Priyanthi's Amara (FiFe + TICA champion)

Date of birth: 12-07-2007
Breed: Snowshoe
Colour + pattern: Sealpoint white bicolour
Mother: Coldenufforsnow Zsa Zsa on Skiis
Father: Coldenufforsnow Saas Fee
Breeder: Fam. van Tatenhove, cattery Priyanthi in België

Click here for the pedigree.

Amara is a sealpoint white bicolour snowshoe female with lovely sparkling blue eyes. Her mother Zsa Zsa is a sweet sealpoint white snowshoe and her father Charley (Saas Fee) is a pretty bluepoint white snowshoe, both with perfect show pattern.
Amara is a sealpoint white bicolour with a lovely inverted V on her face. She is a sweet and affectionate cat who enjoys being with us. She loves to sit in our necks during cooking and when we are busy on the computer she's lying down on our lap or she's making attempts to stand on our head. Amara is sometimes a little bit naughty, very playful and can purr like no one else. She loves to talk and always answers back. Binky and Amara became great friends and they always wash each other or even us. Amara got her first litter in 2009. She did a wonderfull job and we are very proud of her, she's a great mother and gave us lovely kittens! See litter A, C and D.



18-11-07 Felikat show in Nieuwegein (kittenklasse)

13-01-08 Felikat show in Haarlem (juniorklasse)

17-02-08 Felikat show in Bleiswijk (juniorklasse)

20-04-08 Felikat show in Alkmaar (juniorklasse)

18-05-08 Mundikat show in Boxtel (open klasse)

30-08-08 DEKZV e.V. show in Bocholt (de) (open klasse)

31-08-08 DEKZV e.V. show in Bocholt (de) (open klasse)

18-10-09 Mundikat show in Gorredijk (kampioensklasse)

31-10-09 TICA show in Heinenoord (open klasse)

21-11-09 DEKZV e.V. show in Dinslaken (kampioensklasse)

22-11-09 DEKZV e.V. show in Dinslaken (kampioensklasse)

28-03-10 Felikat show in Spijkenisse

04-04-10 Mundikat show in Arnhem

05-04-10 Mundikat show in Arnhem