Special Spirit


Why is the cattery called Special Spirit?
The name says enough, our cats are very special for us. The Snowshoe is also a very special breed that is not very common. Spirit stands for the spirit and power the cats give us. When they are playing or washing each other we feel very happy and proud. We enjoy our cats every single day, even when they are a bit naughty.

Why start a cattery?
In Holland aren't many people who knows this breed. Of course that is a pity because they miss something remarkable and beautiful in their home. To give the breed some more admission and some more familiarity with people, we started a cattery and began to show our cats. In the future we hope to breed healthy affectionate Snowshoes once in a while, so it is for more people possible to enjoy this lovely breed.

Why did we choose the Snowshoe breed?
During my college I met Demian and soon we got involved. After a few years we started to living together in Soest, and we still do. Pretty soon we searched for some companion. Binky an crossbreed between Snowshoe / Siamese / Persian came to live with us. We were totally in love with him, even before he was even there. Binky is very hansom, sweet, loves to hug and sometimes acts like he is a tough guy. We loved his remarkable appearance en started to find cats who looked similar. We discovered the Snowshoe, a shorthaired breed with sparkling blue eyes and the appearence we fell in love with. We started to collect more information about these cats en searched for breeders. This breed is still very rare in Europe, so it was very difficult and took a long time to find the right kitten. After a long search we found a pregnant snowshoe female in Belgium, and one of these kittens became our sweet girl Priyanthi's Amara. Amara is a very sweet and beautiful girl, playful and funny. Binky and Amara soon became big friends and they still are. When Amara was old enough she got her first litter (2009), one girl and three boys. We kept the girl called Fuji. Fuji has very pretty snowshoe markings, stunning eyes and a sweet affectionate character. Because it is very hard to find a suitable male with low inbreeding, we started a search for a male. In Finland we found Alvar, a bluepoint snowshoe. We picked him up by plane and introduced him to our cats. Alvar is a wonderfull male with such a sweet personality. 

So at this moment we have 3 snowshoe cats and the boy who all started it with, Binky.  

How does are cats live?
Our cats walk threw the whole house at their disposition. They have a large cratchingposts and a big cat tower to play in. They also have fluffy pillows, tunnels and many toys to play with. Our cats don't walk free outside but we have a safe fenced garden, so our cats can still enjoy the outside air. Our cats are very spoiled but by our opinion they deserve this and it's the way cats should life. Alvar got his own men's room, otherwise he don't leave the girls alone.