Special Spirit

Date of birth: 15-04-2006
Breed: Kruising
Colour + pattern: Sealpoint white
Mother: Snowshoe / siamees
Father: Crème rode pers
Breeder: Fam. Buls

Binky is a shorthaired crossbreed with a thick and fluffy coat. He is a sealpoint white cat with an inverted V on his face and lovely blue eyes. We fell in love with his mother who had 4 kittens at that moment. Only Binky was still available but that did not matter because he was our first choice.
As a kitten Binky was very affectionate and loved to hug all day long. He was really cute as a fluffy kitten. Now Binky is grown up to a strong young male who loves to get attention, and still very sweet and affectionate. He always gets attention when people come to visit us and we are very proud of our hansom boy. Binky is father of two lovely girls. Binky is now spayed because Amara came to live with us. 



13-01-08 Felikat show in Haarlem (huisdierklasse)

17-02-08 Felikat show in Bleiswijk (huisdierklasse)