Special Spirit
Zucchero Del Doge (nickname Gio)

Date of birth: 09-04-2014
Breed: Snowshoe
Colour + pattern: Sealpoint white
Mother: Snowtime's Uma
Father: Lukas Snowshoe-pearls
Breeder: Alvise Piccoli

With the retirement of Alvar we started a new search for a snowshoe-male.  In Italië we had contact with the breeder we sold Jersey to (a girl from one of our litters). There was a pregnant female who gave labour to this pretty fellow. He was a fine match to our breedinggirls so we decided to take him. In July it was finally time to see him in real and pick him up. We drove by car and spended a few days holiday in Italy and on our way back we picked up this sweet handsome boy. Gio is affectionate and loves to be with you. Like Happy, gio also loves to play with our fish and he likes to play with the other cats. In the beginning he was quit to wild for them but now he's grown older and the like him also Gio lives with our neutered female Amara and every day he plays with the other cats when we are home.