Special Spirit

Dit weekend waren we met Gio in Tienen (Belgiƫ) op show. Hij vindt het geweldig al die aandacht aan zijn kooi. Weer twee punten behaald en meneer mag zich Internationaal Kampioen noemen.
This weekend we were in Belgium with Gio at a show. He did amazing and loved the attention of people at his cage. Two points in the pocket, he is now an International Champion.
Afgelopen weekend met Gio naar show geweest, hij kreeg twee keer een kampioenspunt en heeft het zeer goed gedaan.
Last weekend we went to a show with Gio, he did very well and got two points for Int.Championship.
Happy is gisteren getest op HCM door middel van echo, alles was in orde. Zodra ze krols wordt mag ze worden gedekt door Gio.
Yesterday Happy is tested for HCM by ultrasound, everything is fine. Soon as she's in heat she will be mated to Gio.


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My name is Wilhelmien and I live together with my boyfriend Demian and our five cats Binky, Amara, Fuji, Happy and Gio. Alvar our ex-stud moved home. We live in Amersfoort, nearby Utrecht in the Netherlands and we have a small snowshoe cattery. We breed once in a while a healthy beautifull litter of snowshoe kittens. Our first litters has been born and we have seen the kittens grown up to beautifull and very sweet snowshoe cats. We are connected to the Dutch assembly "Felikat" and the English snowshoe assembly the "Snowshoe Cat Society". Please have a look at our website for more information about us and our adorable cats. We also like to read messages from visitors, so feel free to leave a message in our guestbook.

When you have a question or want some more information about our snowshoes and cattery, please do not hesitate to contact us.