Special Spirit

The origin of the Snowshoe can be traced back to 1960 in Philadelphia. Siamese breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daughtery found in one of her litters, kittens with four white feet. She loved this contrast so much that she decided to develop more of these cats by crossing Siamese cats with American bicoloured cats. When time past by, the popular inverted V was produced on the face of the cats. Before 1987 snowshoe breeders could only be found in the USA, but after 1987 the snowshoe breed slowly spread into Europe. At this moment the Snowshoe breeders are still very scarce in Europe.
The first Snowshoes were recognised at "The American Cat Association" in 1974. Now the most assemblies in America recognise the Snowshoe breed. In Holland the Snowshoe is recognised since 2004, but only at the two FIFE assemblies: Mundikat and Felikat.

Breed description
The Snowshoe is a shorthaired medium sized cat with sparkling blue eyes. They are well balanced, firmly, musculair and agile. Male Snowshoes are bigger and more firmly then female Snowshoes. The weight can vary between 2,5 and 5,5 kg.
The ideal Snowshoe has got four white feet and the popular symmetric inverted V on the face. But Snowshoes with this "perfect pattern" are very difficult to breed and rare. Snowshoes always have blue eyes and how deeper the colour the better. Snowshoes can be seen in different colours and varieties but the seal and blue colour are most common.

Snowshoes are friendly, intelligent, social cats with a very sweet character. They are affectionate but not as extreme like the Siamese cat. They are very active and playful into the middle age and sometimes even longer. Snowshoes are easy with other cats and even dogs and children are no problem. They adjust very easy whether they live in a busy household or a quit surrounding. They definitely need attention from their owner. If the owner is gone whole day, the snowshoe need companion from another cat. Snowshoes loves attention and like to hang around with family members or other animals.

Snowshoes, being hybrid cats, are in general very healthy cats. Probable because it is a young breed and the cats are bred from crosses between other healthy breeds without any genetic diseases. Once in a while there are kittens born with crossed eyes, belly-button ruptures and nicked tails. And the specialists discovered that young kittens between 4 to 8 months can develop intermittent hind limb weakness with significant muscle loss that becomes more debilitating when the kittens become older, but unfortunately there is still little known about this disease.

The shorthaired coat of a Snowshoe does not need a lot of maintenance. To brush or comb the snowshoe once in a while will be enough. Although it is not very necessary, we clip the nails regerly because our girls and boys loves to climb on top of us.

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